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Photo of Jimmy Calabaza (Ca'Win) wearing some of his jewelryCa'Win - Jimmy Calabaza is one of the finest turquoise heishi makers alive today. He is featured in many publications and has won numerous awards for his beautiful jewelry. Ca'Win is also a farmer, he has several fields that he tends to, and says sometimes that is where he draws his inspiration from. His designs and methods are sometimes dreamed up while sitting in the tractor or opening the irrigation ditch to the fields. Born and raised on the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, Ca'Win is also very active in the community.


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Albert Cleveland

Albert Cleveland was born and raised on the Navajo reservation in the Navajo community of Haystack, which lies in the shadow of Mt. Taylor. He does traditional silversmithing in a 1940's curio style. He likes using thunderbirds, waterbirds and other animals of traditional Navajo folklore. He melts the silver scrap down and shapes it into flat plates by rolling the ingots down by hand. Albert Cleveland is also a guitarist who plays music in and around the community of Grants, New Mexico.


McDavis Otero

Photo of Mcdavis Otero in the Santa Fe workshop McDavis Otero, of Torreon NM, seen in the workshop in Santa Fe.
McDavis Otero was born in 1974 in Torreon, New Mexico, which is located on the Navajo Reservation. From that day on, his life has been built around a family with a long line of silversmiths. His grandfather and father are both silversmiths along with many other family members who also carry on the traditional craft making. "Now I've learned how to give more respect to my jewelry and how it makes me feel about life, it's purity and rewards. It helps me to live strong in my mind, body and spirit: My jewelry is who I am"

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